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Across the Desert by Yu-2 Across the Desert :iconyu-2:Yu-2 2 0 Across the Lake by Yu-2 Across the Lake :iconyu-2:Yu-2 2 0
Case 2 - The Count
Case 2-E: The Count
Vergil didn't know how he did it, but he managed to clear his floors of all the paperwork in a single night. Not only that he somehow managed to alphabetize his filing cabinets. He didn't even know why he had a problem with his apartment room all of a sudden.
For the longest time, he had simply let the papers lie on the floor. Hell, he didn't even know what most of them were for. He could have thrown them all away ages ago, but he simply didn't have the willpower to pick them up individually or to move his trashcan to a more convenient location.
Yet the night he came home, he suddenly had the overwhelming urge to organize everything. Not only that, his mind somehow managed to plot the organization in literally a nanosecond, somehow figuring out what a majority of the papers were for. About a fourth of them turned out to be coupons with surprisingly long expiration dates.
Anyways, now that the papers were neatly tucked away, he wouldn't have to worry about them for m
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Case 2 - The Other Story Part 2
Case 2-D: A Setback and A Reveal
Well, there went the Cleaners' ticket to Spooner County (well technically tickets). The four of them watched the train as it departed from Concord Station then directed their annoyed glares to Mick.
"What?" asked Mick.
Mick had a genuine look of confusion on his face, oblivious to the fact that all four of them were now seated just inches away from law enforcement in a cramped office. The authorities thankfully were distracted by their own conversation. Said authorities consisted of a portly police officer, a member of the station's staff, and a security guard. To be honest, it was hard to tell who had which profession considering that their uniforms looked similar with only a few minor differences.  
Rhodes leaned over to Hank. "Should we tell him?" he whispered.
"It didn't stick when I tried it in Durwood," said Hank. "Just tell him not to kill or maim anyone in the room."
Rhodes passed the message onto Scott, who passed it on to Mick.
Mick opene
:iconyu-2:Yu-2 1 0
Case 2 - Investigation Begins
Case 2-C: Investigation Begin
Vergil easily put two-and-two together.
"If you're curious, the hour spent was trying to re-arrange the number you gave me," said Lewis. "As it turns out, the former commissioner isn't that skilled at editing his contact information. His false contact information is merely an unholy amalgamation of his address and his actual phone number. I'm surprised it took people this long to find him."
"Well not everyone's got your IQ," said Vergil.
"Compliments will not get you a discount," said Lewis. Vergil frowned.
"Anyways," continued Lewis, "the next thirty minutes were spent checking his browsing history and schedules. It turns out you're not the only private investigator he's hired."
"Kind of figured that," said Vergil.
"Judging by what I read, you would have been left jobless the moment you gave him information about the Harman Family," said Lewis.
"What?!" shouted Vert. He always thought of his mysterious employe
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Case 2 - The Other Story Part 1
Case 2-B: Mishaps and Partners
A certain darkness hung over Danny's shoulder as he walked down the street, and it wasn't just the shade provided by the trees. There was just something unnatural in the way in which he and Vergil talked to each other, both during their reunion three weeks ago and just a few minutes back.
Of course, he still had to put up a friendly face in front of him. It was practically customary by that point. But the fact was the friendly gestures were reserved for only business and ensuring employee loyalty. Vergil wasn't supposed to be some representative of a small corporation or an employee.
Danny's train of thought was halted as soon as his eyes met a certain someone sitting near a window of Allison's Cafe. Marie looked like she had something massive she wanted to get off her chest. Her reddish-brown eyes seemed to leap about with a stressful energy as she absent-mindedly stirred the ice cubes in her glass with the straw. He gently rapped on the window to get he
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Case 2 - Reconnect
Case 2-A: Reconnect
Something had definitely been off about the last three weeks. Vergil's employer suddenly stopped pestering him about updates to the case, something that had been an almost daily occurrence up until that point (hence his habit of falling asleep at his desk). It was nice to have a break for once, but it hit him three days in that without an employer, there would be no money. Not to mention he still wasn't having much sleep as of recently.
Partly, it was because he still had to catch up on all of the current events that happened during the five years he had been out of state. There was a lot of archived news to go through and many websites to browse through. Not to mention he had to keep switching between websites. For all he knew, the news websites could have been spewing junk that hardly mattered. Still he had to stay on top of the going-ons in Aigis. It certainly would make interviewing much more convenient. The only problem was that he still hadn't found the inform
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Noland Syndrome Case 1-The Other Stories
Case 1-B: The Other Stories
After their rather ambiguous introduction with their "partner", the Cleaners had all retreated to their nearest hideout, the poorly-lit abandoned hotel. It was already past midnight, and their eyelids were beginning to feel the weight. Then again, the exhaustion could be due to the fact that they all had lost several pints of blood from the encounter with the ninja. It was nothing that stripping off their suits and wrapping themselves in gauze and bandages couldn't solve.
The giant and the lanky man sat a fair distance from each other in what they guessed was the hotel's lobby. As one would expect from an abandoned hotel, the furniture was decrepit and dust was everywhere. True, they could have cleaned everything, but it wouldn't look abandoned then, would it?
The giant, Rhodes, sat on a couch, the couch itself straining under his immense frame. He was staring rather intently at the door, his brown hat in the firm grip of his giant hands. The lanky man, Mick
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Noland Syndrome Case 1-Part 2
Finding a manhole in Meridian was the easy part. The hard part was going into the sewers without anyone watching. At last, Vergil decided simply to screw public perceptions and opened the nearest manhole he could find. Ironically, there was nobody around when he did so.
Surprisingly, the sewers were absurdly spacious. Sure there was the faint smell of excrement to tingle the nostrils, but the walkways above the flowing rivers of bile were suitably dry. Not surprising considering that this "underground district" was home to powerful (and therefore well-dressed) men--or women if Marie was any indication. Now all he needed to find was that gate. Vergil looked around. There were gates around every corner of the place. Then again, the elevator had to be hidden well for a reason. In retrospect, Marie could have given him directions.
Vergil's nose had finally started adjusting to the stench, when he finally found the gate. Coincidentally, it was located next to a dumpster overflowing with spo
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Noland Syndrome: Case 1-Part 1
Case 1-A: Incompetent
Five Years Later
Papers were strewn across the dark apartment room like cheap confetti. The only source of light was the lonely glow from a screen of a computer monitor. On the opposite side of the room a man sat at his desk, which was lined with mugs of coffee, his face firmly planted in his paperwork. Research wasn't the reason why he literally immersed his face in the text, as evident by the loud snores exiting his mouth. He even had his jacket draped over him like a blanket. The papers he used as a cushion weren't even important. Organization simply was never really one of the man's strong points. Neither was his ability to stay conscious during the night, even with the so-called rejuvenating powers of coffee.
A flicker on the screen and a loud 8-bit bleep was all it took to wake the man up. The man slowly raised his head from his desk, several papers stuck to his face. He just as slowly rolled his chair over his computer, apparently not caring that the wheels
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Case 0: The Catalyst
Case 0: The Catalyst
The color scheme was black and white. There was very little in-between. Naturally it was the only thing dividing the imposing towers and corridors of which there were several layers of. A definitive gloom loomed over the dense air. Part of it could actually be attributed to the dense smog that permeated the air. A blur of chattering could be heard from the upper levels. But deeper in the bowels of the facility, there was only silence.
That was except for the faint echoes of screams going through the stiff air.  
To think that a place this menacing could be found underneath a parking garage in the outskirts of a city.
A man dressed in a brown long coat ran through the darkened halls, looking around every corner. Obviously he was trying to avoid detection. Breaking in and entering was still against the law. Of course, it was still for a good cause. All evidence pointed to the very building housing dark secrets. For such a benevolent company, there was a surprisi
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Bei and Bei by Yu-2 Bei and Bei :iconyu-2:Yu-2 1 4 Marie by Yu-2 Marie :iconyu-2:Yu-2 0 0 Danny by Yu-2 Danny :iconyu-2:Yu-2 0 0 Vergil by Yu-2 Vergil :iconyu-2:Yu-2 0 0 Title-Card by Yu-2 Title-Card :iconyu-2:Yu-2 0 0


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I looked at this picture with no extensive knowledge of the game. However, I can tell right away that you wanted to emphasize the actio...

by Cub3rus

I should begin by noting that the "tulips" (assuming that sculptures are supposed to represent them) do no resemble their namesake. Wha...

by Orioto

In terms of replicating the feel of the overall game, this really is a great recreation. The details in particular truly emulate the ga...

I'm definitely seeing an overall sense of improvement in your work. Compared to previous entries, the quality of the art is definitely ...


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Well... This is Embarassing

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 1, 2014, 10:17 AM

It's already a new year and I haven't contributed anything meaningful to my gallery in over three months. I could blame part of it on college and on my various computer problems, but that still won't cut it.

If I had a New Years resolution, it would be to procrastinate less, but I know it probably won't happen the way I expect to. To the people who still bother to hang around here, I'm going to have to ask you guys to hang around just a little bit longer.

Anyways, happy New Year. I hope every one of you had a wonderful holiday.



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